Assign your first document

This guide shows how you can target a document stored in a SharePoint library to a group of users.

This post assumes that you have already enabled DocRead on the SharePoint library containing the document that you are assigning.

1. Select the document

Go to the SharePoint library that contains the document you want to assign using DocRead365 and click on the ellipsis next to the document you want to assign:

Image showing the selection of the ellipsis menu for a document

2. Open the DocRead document setting panel

Go to the bottom of the menu and select “DocRead settings”. This will open up the DocRead Document Settings menu where you can select the audience for the document, choose the message templates that should be used and also set any specific publishing requirements that may be needed.

Image showing the DocRead settings option

3. Create a document audience

Please check our how-to work with audiences guide for detailed information on how to work with audiences.

  • Choose “Create a document audience.”

image showing the DocRead document settings options

This opens the document audience editor panel

Image showing the create a document audience menu

  • Give a name to the audience (or use the default if suitable)
  • Give the audience a description.
  • You can add people to the required users list, or recommended users list (individual users cannot be included in both).
  • Individuals included in the required users list will receive a required task (i.e. they must complete it by the deadline set)
  • People included in the recommended users list will be sent a recommended task (i.e. it is recommended that they complete it, but it isn’t essential for them to do so)
  • Each set of users (required and recommended) can be given a different deadline for the task.

4. Add users

Add the relevant users to the required or recommended users fields.

5. Set a completion date.

This can either be a fixed date (i.e. 31/01/2023) or users can be given a certain number of days to complete the task (e.g. 10 days) from the date the task was assigned.

6. Save your changes

Click save when you are happy with your settings.

It is also possible to create specific document templates and messages that will be used for this task and also change the publishing settings. We recommend leaving these as the default settings initially.

Please check the How-to work with message templates for more information about message templates.

Image showing the Templates menu options

Once you are happy with your selections, click save and DocRead 365 will create the tasks in a few moments.