DocRead 365 user permission Levels

DocRead uses 4 different permission levels to ensure that your important information and compliance details are secured.

DocRead365 System Administrator

System Administrators can:

  • Create administrators
  • View system activity log
  • View & edit account details
  • Create DocRead administrators
  • Manage Global Audiences
  • Do everything a “DocRead365 Administrator” can do

DocRead365 Administrator

A DocRead Site Administrator can:

  • Activate DocRead on a library
  • Manage library settings
  • Create library owners
  • Have full access to the DocRead Cockpit
  • Do everything a “DocRead Library Owner” can do

DocRead365 Library Owners

Immediately after you activate DocRead on a document library, you will be prompted to identify the Library Owners.

Library owners can:

  • Manage library settings (set library owners & set library default templates)
  • Manage document settings (assign documents to new or existing audiences)
  • View library stats
  • View individual document stats (for documents saved in the library)
  • Do everything DocRead Users can do

Library Owners need to have Contributor permissions on the SharePoint sites containing the libraries that they own.

Image showing the DocRead library settings

DocRead365 Users

Users can:

  • Access a list of their tasks in the DocRead webpart
  • View and complete DocRead tasks assigned to them
  • Receive email notifications about their tasks
  • View task confirmation details