Working with assignments publishing options

DocRead365 assignment settings

DocRead works alongside SharePoint versioning and will not allow users to access an unpublished document or policy. Additionally, DocRead can be used to withhold the creation of assignments until a set publishing date is reached, and remove assignments after a specific expiry date.

The assignments options are accessed via the DocRead document settings (by clicking the ellipsis for a specific document and selecting DocRead settings).

This menu allows you to set a publishing date, expiry date and also reset the assignments for this document.

To amend any of the fields, you need to click the “edit” button at the bottom right hand side of the pop up window.

image showing the DocRead assignment settings options

Using the assignment options

Before the assignment settings can be used, DocRead needs to be associated with the document.

To do this, you need to create (but not save) an audience for the document. This will associate DocRead with the document and allow the assignment settings to be used.

image showing the document assignment settings options

Publishing date

DocRead will not create assignments for the document until the publishing date is reached.

When the publishing date is reached, the DocRead timers will activate to create assignments and DocRead email notifications will be sent to all individuals in the specified DocRead audience.

image showing the document publishing date

Expiry date

When the document expiry date is reached, DocRead will trigger several events.

  1. Incomplete items will be deleted from users assignments list.
  2. Negative receipts for the deleted assignments will be created stating “Document expired”.
  3. Completed assignments and positive receipts will remain unchanged.

image showing the document expiry date

Reset assignments

This option can be used if you need ALL audience members to recomplete the assignment. This can be useful if:

  1. There has been a policy update and everyone needs to re-acknowledge the changes.
  2. Regular acceptance is needed for the policy, even if no changes have been made.

See for more details on the Reset task options.